this week’s idiocracy moment – aug. 21

august 21, 2013

Each week, I post an example that shows how we are approaching Mike Judge’s vision in his film Idiocracy. The movie shows how a society with wayward priorities, including corporatization of our government, commercial scientific research and hostility toward intellectualism, leads to an overall dumbing down of the population.

Here is this week’s moment:

In Idiocracy, water has been displaced as the life-giving liquid of choice by sports drinks, because they are filled with “electrolytes.” What are they? What do they do? Nobody knows. But as the main product of the eponymous corporation Brawndo, which bought out the Food and Drug Administration, everything from water fountains to irrigation systems (but not toilets) dispenses “Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator!” Why is this stupid? Because water is about water – it’s about hydration and nutrients that you can’t just replace by adding electrolytes to any liquid, especially a dehydrating beverage like beer. But that hasn’t stop scientists from wasting resources and brain power to try. Next up, non-polluting gasoline!

Australian scientists brew “hydrating beer.”


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