best and worst jobs – the kind of thing you read at work

April 22, 2013

It’s unfortunate that it’s always stupid articles that provoke a post from me. But, per the previous post, I am thinking about social media and mobile technologies every day, and I’ll probably write extensively about it this week, now that I got a few deadlines out of the way. Today’s provocative post comes courtesy of the the Wall Street Journal blog, which reported on a survey by CareerCast.com that ranked 200 of the best and worst jobs. What’s interesting is that as a survey, this list really ranks self-perceptions, which means people on the lower end are really channeling their self-loathing. Keep that in mind as you go through the bottom 50. My immediate thought is, “Wow, there are so many kinds of journalists…and they all really hate themselves.”


A couple of my responses/thoughts that I sent up on Facebook:

– Corporate Exec is 155, two spots behind Janitor. “No, Ma, I don’t want to zip around on corporate jets, I want to clean up urine-drenched toilet bowls in a public school.”

– What would be interesting is to (theoretically, like at a bar) compare jobs if you are successful in them, because I imagine (again, theoretically) that a successful newspaper reporter would have a pretty good thing going whereas no matter how a great a janitor you are, still, toilets. On the other end, a failed any kind of job is tough because it’s not the job that sucks, it’s you.

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