en route

Sitting in Heathrow at the moment, thinking of games to play to pass the 8-hour layover. Back in O’Hare, I tried to guess the flight destination by the way people were dressed. Too short khaki shorts, pastel tank top/t-shirt, sun-deflecting device in hand, fannypack proudly protruding at the waist: Orlando. Domestic flight. (“Shit, I’m in the wrong terminal.”) Slicked down hair on boys in rugby shirts and blue blazers with stiff disaffectionate father as accessory: definitely London.

Note to self: next time your (my) dad visits right before a trip to Africa, please don’t wave around a book called “Emergency Sex (And Other Desperate Measures).”

Last night, at my latest farewell dinner, while talking about the dangers of mispronoucing the Kirundi word ‘amahoro’ (“peace”) and saying ‘umohoro’ (“machete”) instead, my friend Elias (or Trey – depends on what you want to call him) suggested this mnemonic device:

‘amahoro’ –> “I’m a whore (o).” –> “peace” –> (definitely)
‘umohoro’ –> “You’re my whore (o).” –> “machete” –> (oh man, definitely, machete)

I forget what the name of this strategy is. Elias/Trey said it was a military invention. I’ll have to check on that later. Out of internet time. Up next: 9-hour flight to Uganda tonight and then another 8-hour layover before a quick flight to Kigali. I’ll be staying at the Sky Hotel (http://www.skyhotelrw.net/) in Kigali. More soon.

I also forget how hungry I get on long flights/travels.

I’m so hungry.


1 Response to “en route”

  1. 1 Jon
    June 19, 2008 at 7:59 am

    what did dad say about the book? how did that go down?

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